Former Science Consultant to CRA

SR ED Consultant

Only a SR&ED Consultant has time to keep up to date with changes in CRA's internal policies, and to understand how they will affect you. Calculations are complex. CRA's perspective is arcane. Presentation matters.
SR ED Consultant

CRA engaged me for four years as a SR&ED Consultant to review hundreds of SR&ED projects in software, hardware, electronics, tele-communications, games, and multimedia, from 1996 to 2000. I'm an electrical engineer, taught computer science courses and business courses for entreprenuers at Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia (Okanagan).

Together we'll prepare the information CRA requires and present it clearly. It will be compelling, so CRA's reviewers will be less likely to visit you. I'll teach you to utilize SR&ED simply and efficiently. We'll collaboratively prepare the financial and technical documentation that CRA requires To get started, let me know date on which your company's fiscal years end and confirm that it is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). Together we'll determine how much money you can expect through SR&ED and establish a schedule to get your SR&ED cheque quickly.

You'll receive your SR&ED cheques efficiently and quickly, after we submit your T2 corporate income tax returns. They will contain your SR&ED financial and technical data. We'll collaborate to prepare them, and justification in case CRA asks for it. CRA's reviewers want to understand "What problems are you trying to solve? Why are they difficult?" and "What solutions did you develop? What have you learned that your competitors don't understand?"

SR&ED ought to be an annuity! You too can confidently build SR&ED into your cash flow planning by using templates as the foundation of an internal time-tracking system. You'll know how much money to expect from SR&ED every year in advance!

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SR ED Consultant

SR ED Consultant

Richard Moore

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Former CRA Reviewer
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SR ED Consultant

Violeta Zohar Fiszbaum

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SR ED Consultant